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    Improved viscosity control 
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Viscosity control of liquid formulations

Viscosity is an important parameter in many liquid formulations with high solid content.

The ability to control viscosity over a wider temperature span and keeping the solid content high can be the key to optimizing performance and cost-in-use for such applications. The introduction of Einar® dispersants offers new and exciting opportunities to control viscosity and to get higher solid content, pigment or fillers into a formulation at the same time.

How they work

The Einar® product portfolio addresses the need for additives which improve melt flow properties without compromising the properties of the final product. A series of dispersants have been developed as melt viscosity modifiers which are especially applicable for filled polymer systems and composites.

Owing to melt flow improvement and additional dispersing properties, they can be used for a wide range of fillers and pigments. Please contact our technical staff for further information and recommendations for your particular polymer and filler system.

Our product offerings

Einar® dispersants have proven to deliver superb viscosity control in numerous different systems over a wide temperature range. The products handle formulations with high solid content very well and have demonstrated their performance in liquid colour masterbatches and printing inks.

Your direct benefits

  • Viscosity control over a wide temperature range
  • Increased solid content in formulations
  • Food contact approved chemistry
  • Temperature stable and low volatility

More info on viscosity control?

At Palsgaard, we are dedicated to finding the right solution for every single project.

We realise that generic tests only give an indication of the final outcome – real-life testing is needed, and in collaboration with you we can devise tests to show the efficiency of Einar® dispersants. Contact our product specialists today and learn more.

Bjarne Nielsen, Business Development Manager