Optimize your colour masterbatches with
    Einar® dispersing aids

    Highly loaded colour pigment masterbatches can be a costly affair – pigments are expensive and must be used as sparingly as possible to retain a sound cost-in-use. At the same time, it is vital to obtain a uniform distribution of the pigment to obtain unblemished colours in the final product.

    Einar® 101 and Einar® 103 from Palsgaard are vegetable-based dispersing agents designed to deliver outstanding dispersing performance for pigments in polyolefin products as well as PET, PVC and PA – so outstanding, in fact, that the amount of pigment needed can be reduced. 

    How they work

    Einar® 101 and Einar® 103 will coat the pigment and enable a uniform and homogeneous dispersion of individual pigment particles in the polymer. The Einar® dispersing aids offer a unique opportunity for cost savings. Its effectiveness in dispersing pigments will result in lower pigment loadings needed to obtain the desired colour strength. The measurable result is higher colour yield and reduced filter pressure.

    With the efficiency of Einar® 101 and Einar® 103, it is possible to increase the pigment concentrations in a masterbatch, providing additional cost benefits. Einar® 101 and Einar® 103 also adds a lubricating effect, resulting in better process control and higher extruder throughput. 

    Tested to perfection

    Independent tests of the performance of Einar® 101 and Einar® 103 have shown the superior performance of this dispersing agents when measured against industry-standard waxes. One test demonstrated a 100% colour yield at 40% blue 15:3 when using 10% Einar® 101 – the market-standard PP copoloymer wax delivered 83% colour yield at the same concentration level.

    Generally speaking, colour strength can be increased from 10% to 30% without the need of additional pigment – a major improvement of cost-in-use.

    Outperforms Traditional Waxes

    How we can help you

    At Palsgaard, we are dedicated to finding the right solution for every single project. We realise that generic tests only give an indication of the final outcome – real-life testing is needed, and in collaboration with you we can devise tests to show the efficiency of Einar® 101 and Einar® 103. We are also capable of tailoring solutions to new projects and new products – contact our product specialists today and learn more.

    Your direct benefits

    • Superior pigment dispersion
    • Strong cost-in-use
    • More reliable and stable production that will keep downtime at a minimum
    • Less pigment needed to obtain true colours
    • 100% vegetable-based
    • Approved for food contact
    • Thermally stable, low volatility

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