Mould release agents

    Mould release agents are widely used in injection moulding applications across a broad range of polymers and are essential in securing the release of high quality parts from a mould. A release agent must ensure instant and efficient lubrication of the interface between mould and polymer. This is crucial in terms of deformation-free release and in allowing production processes to run at the lowest possible cycle times.

    How it works

    Mould release agents need to migrate instantly during the injection moulding process in order to lubricate the interface between mould and polymer.

    Migration needs to happen quickly and evenly to accomplish its primary function, but the agent must not appear on the polymer surface in excessive amounts, as this would build deposits in the mold and result in excessive downtime for cleaning.

    Our product offerings

    The Einar® product portfolio offers solutions for mould release applications for polyolefin resins - and specific applications for polyesters and engineering resins are also covered.

    Einar® release agents are ideally suited for all food packaging applications and a range of other uses where precautions are required with respect to migration of additives from the packaging material to packaged goods.

    Einar® products are produced using food quality vegetable oils and meet the highest possible safety standards.

    Your direct benefits

    • Excellent mould release properties
    • Approved worldwide for food contact
    • High heat and processing stability

    How can we help?

    Our dedicated development laboratory can assist you in your efforts to develop new solutions.

    We offer full technical support that includes measurement of mould release properties allowing the process to be thoroughly analysed and understood.

    Hans-Peter Hentze, Senior Scientist

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