Einar® antistat solutions for polypropylene (PP) injection moulding applications

    Einar® 201 is the perfect food contact-approved general purpose antistat for PP injection moulding applications offering excellent mould release and de-nesting properties.

    Application background

    PP is a very versatile polymer used for many different purposes including medical and food packaging, appliances and a broad portfolio of everyday products. All of which may require antistat properties in some form. 

    A good antistat will secure an attractive appearance of the products towards the consumer – dust free products are obtainable by the use of efficient migratory antistats that are able to build an additive concentration on the polymer surface that form a conductive layer. 

    This will enable dissipation of static charges whereby dust and other fine particles will not be attracted. A good antistat for both homopolymer and random copolymer PP is required to deliver good and reliable antistatic performance, but it is also expected to work well as a mould release. 

    In the final moulded product, de-nesting properties are often requested and that functionality is also provided by anitstats that lubricate the polymer surface and allows easy separation of stacked parts.

    Einar® 201 antistat protection in PP injection moulding applications

    Einar® 201 is an excellent general purpose antistat for a broad range of PP injection moulding applications and will ensure clean, dust free and an attractive appearance of packaging, appliances and other household products. Recommended loading levels for homopolymer PP are 0.3 - 0.5% and for random copolymers is 0.1 - 0.3%.

    Einar® 201 will provide the necessary mould release and de-nesting properties when incorporated in both random copolymer and homopolymer PP at the recommended levels for good antistat performance.

    Einar® 201 is available in both powder and pellet form providing options for better mixing with either powder or pelletized PP. The pellet form being preferred in many situations where a powder at elevated temperatures during mixing and feeding, will be difficult to handle and transport in feeding and dosing equipment.

    Your direct benefits:

    • Excellents antistatic performance in homopolymer and random copolymers
    • Good mould release and de-nesting properties
    • High heat resistance and low volatility
    • Worldwide approval for food contact applications
    • Consultancy and technical evaluations available from our technical team

    Other offerings from the Einar® range:

    • Einar® 201 for mould release properties in PP
    • Einar® 411 for antistat performance in impact copolymer PP
    • Einar® 601 for antistat performance in PE applications

    Contact us and let us help you develop and test the optimum antistat solution for your PP injection moulding application.

    More info about our antistatic agents?

    At Palsgaard, we are dedicated to finding the right solution for every single project.

    We realise that generic tests only give an indication of the final outcome – real-life testing is needed, and in collaboration with you we can devise tests to show the efficiency of our Einar® antistatic agents.
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    Bjarne Nielsen, Business Development Manager

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