Antistats for PE and PP foams

    Polyethylene and polypropylene foams are very popular and widely used packaging materials. They are resilient, return to form after compression and provide effective cushioning and security where it is needed. It is these characteristics, combined with their versatility and customization possibilities, that make them so useful in many applications.

    Many of PE and PP foam applications require antistatic properties. This is especially the case for packaging of sensitive electronics, for which antistatic properties are crucial to protect them from electric charges. Here optimized and highly effective antistatic agents are required.

    Einar® 207 is a highly effective antistatic agent, which enables safe packaging of electronic goods with PE and PP foams. Especially the combination with glycerol monostearate enables highest performance levels, which allow the replacement of antistatic chemicals of concern like ethoxylated amines and amides. To find optimal dosage conditions our technical team offers additional consultancy and application testing.

    As a food-grade, highly effective antistatic agent, Einar® 207 ensures not only secure packaging of electronics, but also an ecotoxicologically friendly production environment and safe handling of packaging materials.

    The main benefits of Einar® 207 are:

    • Highly effective antistatic performance of PE and PP foams
    • Suitable for the packaging of sensitive electronic goods
    • Synergistic antistatic effects with additional additives
    • Food-grade replacement of antistatic chemicals of concern (amines and amides)
    • Safe and ecotoxicologically friendly production and handling of PE and PP foams
    • Globally approved for food-contact applications 

    Please notice also our additional polymer additive offering for polyolefins:

    • Einar® 601 for antistatic polyethylene (PE) applications
    • Einar® 601 and Einar® 611 for antifogging polypropylene (PP) applications
    • Einar® 601, Einar® 611 and Einar® 211 for antifogging polyethylene (PE) applications

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