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Antistatic agents

Einar® antistatic agents from Palsgaard are 100% based on vegetable oils such as RSPO-certified palm oil and rapeseed oil. They offer superb antistatic capabilities to a very wide range of extruded and injection-moulded products and remove once and for all the worries about food safety that come with the use of conventional antistatic agents.

Why use antistatic agents?

A dust free and clean appearance of packaged products is essential to consumer appeal. Efficient antistatic agents can dissipate charge from a polymer surface and prevent a static charge build-up. Dust and other fine particles will not be drawn to the packaging surface and it will maintain a clean and attractive appearance.

How they work

Antistatic agents work by migrating to the polymer surface where they interact with ambient moisture, thereby creating a conductive layer that can disspate charge. This will eliminate the build-up of static charges and avoid dust attraction.

How we can help you

Our dedicated development laboratory can assist you in your efforts to develop new solutions. We offer full technical support and all our experience in our collaboration with customers.

Contact our polymer specialists today and find out how to make the most of our vegetable-based, sustainable anti-static agents.

Our product offerings

Palsgaard offers several different types of antistatic agents. Our Einar® range covers a broad range of chemistries within glycerol esters and enables our customers to cover all basic needs for antistatic protection in a broad range of packaging applications:

All are based purely on sustainably sourced vegetable oils and are independently tested with superior results

 You can get an overview of our range of anti-static products here.

 Your direct benefits

  • Efficient short and long term performance
  • Approved world wide for food contact use
  • Excellent processability of additives with low volatility and a controlled migration profile
  • High heat and processing stability
  • Based on vegetable oils

More info about our antistatic agents?

At Palsgaard, we are dedicated to finding the right solution for every single project.

We realise that generic tests only give an indication of the final outcome – real-life testing is needed, and in collaboration with you we can devise tests to show the efficiency of our Einar® antistatic agents.
Contact our product specialists today and learn more.

Bjarne Nielsen, Business Development Manager