Sustainable antifog solutions for PCV cling film

    Einar® 211 is the ideal antifog for PVC cling wrap as it is approved worldwide for food contact applications.

    Einar® 211 for PVC antifog applications

    Einar® 211 is an excellent performer for PVC film and works particularly well in cling film applications where the objective is to obtain a good and reliable performance in either a coldfog or a hotfog application. Einar® 211 is a fast acting vegetable-based antifog that will produce clear and transparent film for an extended period of time. The recommended loading level of Einar® 211 is 0.5 - 1.0% for coldfog applications and for hotfog the recommended loading level is 0.3 - 0.6%. 

    Application background

    PVC is a versatile thermoplastic polymer with a very wide range of potential uses. Flexible PVC has a significant presence in medical applications and is used in food packaging whereas rigid PVC has a dominating position in the building and construction industry and in general is a preferred option in many applications for outdoor usage. 

    PVC needs additives for both processing and functionality in the final application and the polymer will not be of much use without a basic formulation with additives. 

    Lubricants for processing are important. Antistats and antifogs are used in PVC for certain applications, but they are mostly in smaller volume applications in food and medical. 

    Never the less, it is important that these additives have the necessary functionality to be migratory in PVC and be able to interact with atmospheric moisture levels or condensing water in packaging applications in order to reach acceptable performance levels.

    Your direct benefits:

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