Antifog for PE films

    Polyethylene films are the largest segment of the flexible packaging markets. They are used for food packaging applications in many variations. These include co-extruded, laminated and multi-layer films, which are used among others for meat, liquid foods, fish/seafood, frozen foods, snacks, fruit and vegetable packaging.
    LDPE and LLDPE film applications in the food industry typically require antifogging properties. These are necessary to ensure an undisturbed display of the valuable goods and eliminate the risk of microbiological growth caused by dripping water droplets.

    Einar® 601 and Einar® 611 are polyglycerol esters, which effectively reduce the contact angle between water and the polyethylene film surface. In this way the formation of water droplets can be prevented and instead water condenses as an invisible microfilm on the inside of the packaging.

    Einar® 601 and Einar® 611 are based on a polyglycerol ester with a customized fatty acid chain length distribution enabling an outstanding antifogging performance, under cold as well as hot fog conditions. Owing to its high efficiency, dosage levels of 0.3 - 0.7% are typically sufficient to achieve excellent antifogging performance under maintenance of the desired mechanical and optical film properties. The exact dosage levels may depend on the particular film structure.

    Our technical service team can offer additional consultancy and technical evaluation, especially for multi-material, layered and laminated films.

    The main benefits of Einar® 601 and Einar® 611 are:

    • Highly efficient even at low dosage levels 
    • Excellent antifogging performance in LDPE and LLDPE
    • Applicable under cold and hot fog conditions
    • Globally approved for food-contact applications

    Please also notice our additional polymer additive offerings for polyolefins:

    • Einar® 601 for antistatic polyethylene (PE) applications
    • Einar® 601 and Einar® 611 for antifogging polypropylene (PP) applications
    • Einar® 207 for antistatic modification of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) foams

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