Foam stabilisation ageing modifier

    Polyethylene and polypropylene foams are resilient, return to form after compression, and provide effective cushioning and security where it is needed. It is these characteristics, combined with their versatility and customization possibilities, that make them so useful in many applications.

    Ageing modifiers are used to ensure the production of high quality foam and provide crucially important functionality to guarantee stable foam that will not collapse when products are conditioned to ensure release of excessive blowing agent.

    The high consistent quality of Einar® 207 guarantees reliable and dependable performance when PE and PP foam is conditioned after manufacture for release of excessive blowing agent. A typical loading level of Einar® 207 when foams are produced with physical blowing agents is 0.4-1.5%. Loading levels in combinations with chemical blowing agents are typically 0.2-0.5%.

    Your direct benefits

    • Highly efficient antistat protection
    • No amine and amide chemistry
    • Ensures high foam quality
    • No stress racking of electronic components
    • Worldwide approved for food contact
    • Consultancy and technical evaluations available from our technical team


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