The complete Einar® product range

    100% vegetable based polymer additives

    • Antistatic agents


      Designed to deliver outstanding antistatic, mould-release, slip and denesting performance for masterbatches and polyolefins such as PP and PE.

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    • Antifogging agents


      Einar® internal antifogging agents work by changing the surface tension of a polymer product such as cast and blown films, injection moulding and extrusion applications.

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    • Colour dispersion aids


      Einar® dispersing agents are used to ensure optimum distribution of pigments, fillers and other additives in a safe and sustainable manner.

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    Functional agents for masterbatches and polymers

    The Einar® product range from Palsgaard is a series of functional agents for masterbatch and polymer applications - all with one unique feature in common: They are based entirely on sustainably sourced, food-grade vegetable oils.

    The Einar® portfolio gives masterbatch producers and converters the opportunity to develop products with the same functional features as with conventional functional agents, but without the worries over issues regarding food safety or migration of harmful substances to the surface of the finished product.


    At the same time, Einar® functional agents have been tested and proven to deliver similar or superior functionality, often with smaller amounts required.

    Take a look at our product offering above - you can choose between antistatic agents, antifogging agents and colour dispersing aids.

    If you are looking for a solution to a specific problem in your polymer or masterbatch production, you can also take a look at our Solutions page, where we present our solutions to common issues facing the polymer industry today.