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    CSR report 2015

    Dear Reader,

    2015 was a year to celebrate for Palsgaard, not just because the company prospered, but because we simultaneously achieved the first part of our goal to declare a zero carbon footprint globally by 2020.

    The company’s Danish plant, which produces the majority of our products, proudly became CO2-neutral during the year. The announcement event was attended by government officials, scientists, the press and business connections (see page 32 in this report).

    Palsgaard is a foundation-owned enterprise with a long history of social responsibility and deep ingredients expertise. So we are in a unique position to help the food industry meet consumer needs and regulatory priorities by facilitating more sustainable, higher-quality production and low-fat products. As the inventor of the modern emulsifier, we have expanded our pioneering agenda to help lead the way in CO2-emission reductions, sustainable palm oil raw materials sourcing and more. We intend to continue going above and beyond baseline requirements to create benefits for our stakeholders and society, and to minimise any negative impacts on the world in which we live. 

    We continue our support of the UN Global Compact and in 2015 warmly welcome the UN Global Compact’s 17 Sustainabale Development Goals (SDGs). Early indications point to the SDGs becoming a CSR focus for thousands of companies in many industries, as well as a business opportunity. Our CSR committee is reviewing the goals to determine where Palsgaard can make a real difference, and where to implement specific SDG initiatives in the near future.

    2015 performance

    The year saw a mix of triumphs and challenges on the sustainability front. We are pleased to announce that waste and derivative products decreased per kg of finished product, water consumption was reduced, and Palsgaard Malaysia achieved RSPO certification. Regrettably, work-related accidents rose, only part of which may be attributed to increased production volumes.

    Going forward

    In the years to come we will continue to plan and introduce new activities to achieve CO2-neutrality at all production facilities by 2020. In Denmark, Malaysia, Mexico and the Netherlands and in other countries, we will continue to identify greener fuel alternatives and more sustainable sources of electricity, as well as ways to reduce water usage. We will also increase our RSPO-certified production capabilities in plant locations outside Denmark. In the workplace, 2016 will see renewed focus on safe behaviours and preventative measures.

    We remain a dedicated partner to our customers, innovating to bring them sustainable advantages and supporting the wider community wherever possible. We hope that this report will provide you with insight into how we work with corporate social responsibility – and that you will enjoy reading it.

    Kind regards,

    Birger Brix   Jakob Thoisen
    CEO, Schou Foundation  

    CEO, Palsgaard A/S