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    CSR report 2013

    Dear reader
    Palsgaard has worked strategically with CSR in the previous four years. The result is highly positive contributions on several areas. Every year, we complete new development platforms within specifically chosen strategic focus areas - such as climate, employees, company management and products. Our support for the UN Global Compact contributes to the foundation of our strategy and reporting, which mirrors the drive and challenges we face.

    We strongly believe in environmental responsibility. This has resulted in our ambitious goal to achieve CO2 neutrality in 2020. Our efforts in this area have shown a reduction in our CO2 emissions of 48.7%, measured as an absolute total over six years (2007-2013). As expected, these efforts have also proven to provide a financial advantage in terms of energy savings. Our ambitions in this area also contribute to developing new ideas that have become the basis of further energy reduction efforts. Our efforts within the CSR area have also significantly increased the interest for our products worldwide.

    It is important to us that all employees are open towards these new initiatives that global growth requires of an organisation. The completion of a course in 2013 on knowledge sharing, communication and collaboration, has further strengthened the organisation. Close relations increase the collaborative spirit in the team. It also builds additional strength within the company and ensures that we are ready to offer our customers the service, knowhow and credibility that are at the core of Palsgaard.

    A 2013 satisfaction analysis among our employees showed 'a high level of job satisfaction' according to the EEI categorisation. Content and happy employees are part of Palsgaard's identity. Unfortunately, we have seen a small reduction in satisfaction compared to 2011 and hence we are planning a range of activities to reach the previous level.

    As we are active in more than one hundred countries globally, responsibility across the entire company is a requirement. In our 'Code of Conduct', we strongly oppose corruption. We require unconditional compliance of our regulations in this area and we inform relevant employees of the conduct that is expected, if such a doubtful situation should arise.

    In 2013, we have put an additional focus on responsible supply chain management. Our intention is that our raw materials are supplied by producers that recognise the UN Global Compact's 10 principles and additionally carry themselves in an ethically responsible manner.

    In the report, we describe the company's core values in the relevant areas. We also explain how these core values contribute to the guidance of new targets in a modern company such as ours. Through our work on CSR we have committed to a range of short and long-range, social and environmental targets that we and our stakeholders can measure against. This report documents our progress towards the achievement of these goals.

    We hope that you will find the report interesting and that you enjoy reading it.