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    Einar® brochure

    Polymer agents you can eat

    Two trends dominate the polymer business today: Safety and sustainability. Of course, consumers want polymer products such as food film, canisters, bottles and containers for their convenience and hygiene.

    But they also worry about the environment and about harmful substances coming into contact with their food – and producers need to take such concerns seriously.

    The polymer industry needs sustainable alternatives to petrochemical-based products that do not compromise the quality and functionality of the end products.

    We have the answer: Einar® from Palsgaard

    Palsgaard’s Einar® series of functional agents for masterbatches and polymer applications are based on food-grade vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and RSPO-certified segregated palm oils.

    With Einar®, you can market your packaging solutions and masterbatches with a sustainable profile while retaining the efficiency and attractive appearance of your products.