Sustainable additives for polymer applications presented at PlastImagen 2017

As consumers and producers alike become increasingly saftety and environmentally consious, plastics manufactures and their additive masterbatch suppliers are in for a tough challenge. With Palsgaard's range of vegetable-based anti-static and anti-fogging agents and color dispersing aids you will get a solution that is both highly efficient and sustainable. 

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Safe enough to eat

Palsgaard’s additives are already approved as food ingredients and used in the processing of various types of foodstuff. Anti-static and anti-fogging agents are generally designed to be present on the polymer surface and small amounts may migrate from food packaging into the food itself. With Palsgaard’s food approved additives however, the consumer’s safety is ensured. At the same time, Palsgaard’s agents are Halal- and Kosher-certified, so any such migration won’t compromise the suitability of packaging for markets around the world.

Our newly introduced color dispersing aids have been proven to outperform waxes in dispersion of color pigments in polymers - and are biobased, too, removing all concerns over food contact.

As a key player in the highly regulated world of food ingredients, all of Palsgaard’s products comply with or exceed the demands of food safety regulators and other major market influencers. So polymer and food plastic packaging manufacturers can be sure that Palsgaard’s additives present no risk to their end-customers. 

Low-dosage for greater flexibility

Palsgaard's internally applied additives are aimed at polyolefin-based (polypropylene and polyethylene) packaging as well as other polymer applications. Delivered as a powder, or in pellet form with a very accurate shape and weight, they can be incorporated into polyolefins, or added into masterbatches and compounds.

Our Einar® range of vegetable-based agents are only required in low dosages in final applications. Yet as an anti-static agent, for example, they offer the same or better static decay performance as reference GMS-90/60 products. Moreover, the agents themselves will biodegrade - In fact, using vegetable-based functional agents delivers a long list of improvements, including high batch-to-batch stability, better mold release and improved slip effect.

Pure ingredients make all the difference

Just how effective - and free from colouration or unnatural odours - additives of this kind can be depends to a great extent on the purity of raw materials and the sequence of production processes.

Palsgaard's 100% vegetable-based raw materials are cultivated in the highly controlled environments demanded by the food ingredients industry – and we are passionate about pursuing the best possible raw material quality as the essential starting point for a near-perfect final product.

Certification to ISO 9001 and ISO/FSSC 22000 certification (HACCP) standards, combined with almost a century of perfecting production processes and delivery procedures, ensure that manufacturers using Palsgaard's additives can make product after product at the same, consistent quality.

A sustainable supplier

For plastics manufacturers and their polyolefin suppliers, working with a supplier that's truly committed to a sustainable roadmap can open a door into a profitable future, introducing a wide variety of new products and product variations that find favour with today's producers and consumers.

We take sustainability and corporate social responsibility very seriously at Palsgaard. Our most recent efforts include our ambitious goal to become completely CO2 neutral by 2020. As one of the steps in this direction, we have, since 2011, had all our electricity supplied as RECS-certified green energy from newly established wind farms. 

Palsgaard also complies with RSPO SCCS (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain Certification Standard) enabling us to handle certified palm oil-based products. In this way, we support stability in biodiversity and responsible production in the manufacture of palm oil.

Read more about PlastImagen here.

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Centro Banamex, Mexico City, Mexico

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