Palsgaard's tagline - Heart Working People - expresses our unique culture and sums up our caring approach. We put our hearts into our work and are committed to our surroundings.

    An attractive, safe and stimulating workplace

    A primary aim for Palsgaard’s owner – the Schou Foundation – is to ensure an attractive workplace for all of our employees. We’ve made this principle central to our mission and our values, which are loyalty, responsibility and commitment.

    Palsgaard depends on a highly qualified workforce, and we see it as our duty to contribute to shaping and developing the education of future generations. We work at an international and national level with educational establishments and knowledge centres, including universities.

    Well-being and employee retention

    Of particular importance to Palsgaard is the health of its employees. In Russia and Poland, for example, employees can access health insurance, and life and accident insurance schemes. And in Malaysia, we offer sickness and accident insurance for employees and their families.

    Our relationship with our employees rests on the premise that a working life should be able to accommodate both strong and weak phases. Palsgaard endeavours to retain or relocate employees who are no longer able to meet the requirements of their original job. Employees with long-term illnesses are often able to return gradually, or have their job adapted to changed circumstances. Palsgaard's HR manager provides confidential job-related advice, and works to support vulnerable employees.

    Bureau Veritas has conducted a four-pillar SMETA Sedex audit at our facilities in Denmark and the Netherlands. And during 2014, our Russian facility was audited by our employee commission, as part of creating a better workplace.

    Job satisfaction

    Every other year, we conduct an employee satisfaction survey at all our locations (in partnership with Ennova, which ensures that we can compare our results with other European businesses via the GELx (Global Employee and Leadership Index®). The most recent results indicate high job satisfaction, with our subsidiaries achieving an average of 78 points out of 100.

    We also carry out annual development conversations with all employees to evaluate expectations and identify areas for improvement.

    Employee health and safety

    Palsgaard's OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) organisation comprises working environment committees at Palsgaard A/S and Nexus A/S. It handles issues relating to day-to-day operations, workplace risk assessments, industrial accidents and near-misses. Regrettably, 2015 saw an increase in the total work-related accidents with absences. However, the OSH organization will work even harder to improve working routines and further develop safety culture in 2016, prioritizing preventative action in everyday work and by that strive to reduce the number of accidents.

    Other focus areas include workplace noise reduction, health monitoring for night-shift workers, improved internal traffic safety and during 2015 a number of short courses on exercise and workstation positioning were carried out to improve the workplace for office staff.

    Community connections

    Palsgaard's headquarters are located within the small, rural community of Juelsminde in Denmark, where we contribute with local activities and donations. We extend similar practices to other communities in which we are active around the world.

    One example of our community involvement concerns a dangerous influenza epidemic that affected the area in which our subsidiary is located in Mexico during 2013. To protect our Mexico-based employees and their families, we implemented a vaccination program within the community.

    In 2015, we supported a number of charities and local activities, including donation to Families with Cancerstricken Childen and donation to the Danish Cancer Society. And our ongoing partnership with BØRNEfonden (the Children’s Foundation) allows us to support education and improve public health for children in Benin and Mali. We also invested in a hotel to encourage the tourism in the town of Juelsminde and donated to help publish a book about old Danish tileworks.

    Each year, we offer educational opportunities for Danish and international students. Also in 2015, we assisted a number of people to further their education or career, including by offering special working arrangements and work placements.

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