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From food to polymers

Founded more than 100 years ago, Palsgaard is a strong name in the food industry. With our invention of the industrial emulsifier, we changed the game of large-scale food production and are still at the very forefront of development and research in this field.

Decades of experience in the development of advanced food ingredients has led to a series of breakthroughs in functional agents for the polymer industry, too. We realised that the benefits of plant oils in foods could be applied directly to the production of polymers – with superior results.

Palsgaard now offers a broad range of sustainable functional agents for masterbatches and polymers under the Einar® portfolio: Anti-static agents, anti-fogging agents and dispersion aids.

Dedicated development center

When developing new functional agents for polymer applications, meticulous testing is absolutely vital to a successful outcome. At Palsgaard, our polymer development team is able to simulate both test scenarios and production processes. We develop and test under conditions similar to those found in a real polymer or masterbatch production environment – making both development and pre-production test runs faster and more precise.

Global Production Setup

Global production setup

Palsgaard operates four production facilities – in Denmark, the Netherlands, Mexico and Malaysia. Our polymer R&D facilities are found in Denmark – you can read more about our R&D efforts here.

The production in Denmark was made 100% CO2 neutral in 2015, just as it is our express intention to turn all Palsgaard production facilities into zero-emission production sites by the year 2020.

A proud legacy

We are owned by the Schou Foundation, whose charter is to support research for our chosen industries and to maintain the Palsgaard Estate on which our headquarters are to be found.

This ownership status means that we are free to take a more holistic and long-term view of our investments and activities without the need to focus on financial gain here and now – we act, think and plan with the future in mind.

Heart Working People

We take great care to act responsibly in everything we do towards our owners, customers, employees and the community that surrounds us.

This philosophy is summed up in the words we use to describe ourselves: We are truly “heart working people”.

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