Superior performance
from pure plant oil

Antistatic agents
for the polymer industry

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A clear view on food packaging

Antifogging agents for
polymers and polyolefins

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New Innovative Chemistry

Dispersing aids for colour
pigment masterbatches

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Einar® – a name with a legacy

Einar® was chosen as the brand name for our polymer agents as a tribute to Einar Viggo Schou, who founded Palsgaard in 1908.

From the beginning, Einar Viggo Schou laid down a set of social and corporate values we continue to follow at Palsgaard today.

In naming our polymer product range after him, we invoke his legacy of innovation, dedication and responsibility towards the world around us.

With the Einar® range, Palsgaard takes a decisive step in the polymer industry, where safe and sustainable functional agents are increasingly in demand.

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