Loyalty, diligence and persistence

    These three words sum up the work ethics and the philosophy of our founder, Einar Viggo Schou (after whom we have chosen to name our portfolio of polymer agents).

    Today, we use the same values at Palsgaard – expressed slightly differently, but fundamentally the same. We state our core values as loyalty, responsibility and commitment.


    We believe that loyalty is at the heart of every sound business relation – both when dealing with our customers, for whom confidentiality is vital, and when dealing with our employees and the community around us. We build long-term relations with our customers, because we believe this is the only way to a mutually valuable collaboration.


    As an industrial company, our actions have consequences for the world we live in and for the people we employ. We take great care to act responsibly in everything we do – one example is our goal to become entirely CO2-neutral by 2020; another is our involvement in SEDEX and RSPO, organisations whose aim is to ensure an ethically sound and sustainable supply of raw materials.


    To us, commitment means doing things right for our customers, for our employees and the local and global communities in which we live and work. It also means exceeding the expectations of our customers. But commitment is also what we show towards our workplace. At Palsgaard, 25-year or even 40-year work anniversaries are not uncommon; a result of mutual commitment and loyalty between employees and employers.

    "Doing a good job for our customers is something we have very much at heart, and it has been like this for almost a century. Palsgaard has an open and frank culture which originates from our founders, who were socially oriented people with a keen eye on business. Today, you will find this culture present in our business conduct and relations building. It means that we work hard and with our hearts in the right place."

    Jakob Thoisen, CEO, Palsgaard A/S

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    Palsgaard celebrates CO2-neutrality

    On 1 April 2016 Palsgaard celebrated that we have have achieved CO2-neutrality at our Danish plant, 5 years ahead of our goal of achieving a zero carbon footprint globally by 2020.

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